Use PPC to increase revenue this Black Friday & Cyber Monday


PPC or ‘pay per click’ advertising can be greatly effective this time of year and is a quick way to increase your business’ revenue and drive quality leads. With seasonal events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas quickly approaching, internet users are in prime buying mode.

Why you should be doing PPC advertising this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

• Your competitors will be be taking advantage of PPC
• Internet users are in prime buying mode
• You control spend and it’s easy to measure your success
• You can target anyone, anywhere, across all devices
• You can optimise campaign copy to give a sense of urgency


Already doing PPC? Have you thought about your holiday strategy?

With the holidays just around the corner, it is important that you have the right strategy in place to optimise your campaigns and increase revenue. Combining the right landing page with a tailored PPC ad will drive relevant traffic to your site who clearly have the intent to buy.

Let our expert team ensure that your strategy is highly optimised and making full use of the following tactics:

Remarketing – Continue to engage with your target audience after they’ve left your site! People will be shopping around for the best deals so make sure they come back to you rather than your competition.

Maximise Mobile – Approximately 50% of your clicks will come from mobile. It’s crucial to optimise and design both landing pages and ads with mobile users in mind.

Display advertising – Stand out from the competition with smart ad copy and sharp designs. Make use of images, audio and video to communicate to your relevant audience.

In-market audiences – Optimise campaigns for relevant audiences and capture those who are exhibiting buying behaviour across the Google Display Network.

Shopping Campaigns – Have an e-commerce site? Maximise your revenue with shopping campaigns. Get the most out of your budget with a solid campaign structure, improved remarketing strategies and an optimised feed.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions – Affordable, simple option that allows you to advertise to users based on the content of their emails (personal inboxes only).

Why do PPC with Attacat?



















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