London SMX Advanced: Killer Facebook Marketing Tactics

Your Facebook pages – your wall, groups and fan pages – are a parallel universe to your public web pages. Just as you implement search engine optimization tactics to improve web page rankings, Facebook offers many opportunities to enhance your visibility.

Moderator: Chris Sherman (CS), Executive Editor, Search Engine Land

Q&A Moderator: Kristjan Mar Hauksson (KM), Director of Internet Marketing, Nordic eMarketing


  • Marco Corsaro (MC), Managing Director, 77Agency
  • Guy Levine (GL), CEO, Return On Digital
  • Merry Morud (MM), Search Marketing Account Manager, aimClear
  • Marty Weintraub (MW), President, aimClear

(The below are Tim’s notes from the “Killer Facebook Marketing Tactics” session at SMX Advanced.  They have been posted during the session and will be tidied up later – more SMX coverage here)

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[This seminar was very special.  The notes below will make little sense because the pace and energy of the presentation was on a different planet but there are nuggets of gold within.  The key take away was that the killer tactic is actually Facebook Ads – a seriously under utilised form of marketing that has to be taken seriously]

Expecting announcement on 500 million user announcement tomorrow.  Chris Sherman rightly warns that Facebook may be today’s thing, but not necessarily tomorrow’s so take away the tactics.

Guy Levine

He put a QR code on slides.  Will not be long before you can use these to get Facebook likes.

When you stick your head in the sand, everything looks cool but it presents your butt to the world.  Facebook is here, like it or not.

You may think Facebook ads may not work but we have to learn how to use them.  Facebook is different

Tip: Put name of competitor brand into Facebook ads to head hunt!

No quality score slaps.

Facebook is somewhere that people don’t want adverts.

Key to success:

  • Special offers
  • Linkbait e.g. as 4 ways to determine if it will be a boy or girl as oppossed to come and buy a steriliser here)
  • Local
  • Personality Driven (picture of person works well)

Extra Tips

  • Keywords represent interest not search
  • use Google conversion tracking
  • put text into pictures to get round editorial – Facebook can’t read.
  • Pay an admin to run your advertising on group page or give you admin access.  Can also include affiliate links for payment
  • Works well when you identify something people are passion about.
  • Use ads to start a conversation
  • Long running ads suffer
  • Put the wrong people off clicking – joy of PPC model
  • Often makes sense to generate leads rather than sales.
  • Have consistent style of landing page to your advert

Marco Covsaro

Facebook opportunities.  Good because:

  • Reach (inc 100 million mobile users)
  • Not just a direct response tool – fan page is as important as website. Apps and Open Graph.  Facebook is a search engine and open graph represents attempts to build a new type of search engine
  • Targeting Options are incredible – expect it to get better.
  • Ever increasing user engagement opportunities – fan pages, facebook ads (see them as direct response), engagement ads (new ways of creating virality), social ads, apps (mass of opportunities), social plugins
  • Sales pitch for the technology that track Likes, Comments, Clicks and Shares.
  • Sales pitch for social ad bid management
  • Seeing that customers are able to spend 10-15% of what spending on Google at similar or lower CPA

Merry Morud & Marty Weintraub

  • Segmenting landing pages by social groups rather than keywords
  • Facebook helpcenter recently updated.  Can’t use Facebook as verb or screen captures.  Well Facebook that.
  • Branding in Facebook is very inexpensive
  • Not all Facebook is direct response
  • Don’t rule out B2B
  • This is the future of demographic research
  • Search is focus but no longer biggest piece of pie.
  • Segmentation is very powerful. e.g. engaged women probably on a diet.  Not going to sell retirement package to 14 year old.  College students identified.  Give teachers free stuff to teach the next generation to be fanatical about your products in years to come.  3000 people like swords
  • Need to expand with lateral thesaurus as very easy to miss very large chunk of your potential demographic.
  • Random global kick ass segments:
    • green
    • learn language
    • pets
    • kids
      • daughters
      • sons
    • interior design
    • holidays
      • Christmas
    • Hosting parties
    • Enagaged
    • Yoga
    • Social Anxiety – sell them antidepresants
    • Cooking
    • Craft
    • Gardening
    • Organising
  • Facebook is like the content network except it works!
  • Philanthropy rocks on Facebook
  • Privacy setting are WTF for average user
  • Concept of trogan horse as a way to market
  • Friend your competitors friends – industrial esponage but hey ho!
  • Do not fake it, be who you are.
  • “The age of radical profiling”
  • “Sweaty and Incentuous Mix Babe” so please don’t bitch about privacy.
  • Identify what people think about your competitor
  • Organic social friending.  Get involved in semi private conversations on other fan pages
  • Refresh button is your friend – get to see more friends (6 featured each time)
  • Take them outside as quickly as possible – easier to kiss them
  • Recruit competitors facebook fans using Facebook ads.
  • 4000 people who work at HVAC companies – yes it works for B2B


  • Can Facebook advertising be used by all? e.g. international moving company? MW: Target people graduating from medical school. Love children 45+ with daughter – sell them on who would they trust to move their daughter GL: Use AdWords
  • How to target on Facebook? MC: can store segments for re-use. GL: Use ad planner to see language uses.  MW: Take synonyms from adwords. GL: Keyword research is much more 3 dimensional – you are looking to interupt the conversation
  • Click through rates? GL: If doing naughty recruitment can get very high.  Much higher than Content Network. MC:  CTR not right metric.  GL: Look at impact on brand searches as a way of determining if branding is working.
  • Facebook privacy escaping privacy scrutiny? MW: Zuckerberg doesn’t believe in privacy.  Who owns the pipe will be interesting. GL: Everyone gives FB their data.  Google takes it from trends etc.  Leverage Facebook whilst you can.  Important to get e-mail addresses as fans could be switched off.
  • Facebook’s impact on search results over next five years? MW: Expect to see social network that excludes people soon.
  • Theory on why Google users can’t be easily socialised? CS: personal view is that Google has always taken a very controlling way Google does stuff for us, not something we interact with.
  • In a years time, will we still speak about Facebook? GL: Doesn’t matter, we just need to get in there and play. MW: LinkedIn profiling could be very interesting.  Facebook will plateau but expect to see a lot of niche communities popping up where you can target. MC: Experiences show things move very quickly. MW: Do it now, its so cheap, awesome opportunity to build a household name.

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