#NMBrek: 7 ways men use the New Media Breakfasts to get laid

I’m just working with @gordonwhite on finalising our presentation for tomorrow morning’s Glasgow New Media Breakfast (repeats in Edinburgh on Thursday 15th September).

The topic is “Content is King” of which the core content is “35 versatile content ideas to power up your business’ social media”.

We are also showcasing a couple of tools .  One of which, the “linkbait generator”, I will recommend with  tongue in cheek.

Linkbait Generator

The link bait generator is a simple tool that will generate ideas for headlines for blog posts etc. You simply put a subject into the tool e.g “new media breakfast” and it kicks out ideas.

I don’t really use it to generate headlines but every now and then it can help alleviate creative block.

Why don’t I really use it?  Because it throws up ideas like the headline of this post. Still, if you’ve read this far, may be there is some real power in the Linkbait Generator. Head over and have a look.

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