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Attacat Joel

Link Love Notes: Putting the luurve back into links #LinkLove

(Notes from ) Tom Anthony from Back in the day, the problem of information retrival and search hadn’t been solved. Then, in 1997, Google discovers links and changes the game. But links very quickly began to be gamed. Now Google have to ‘pre-filter’ links; they’re not all considered equal anymore. The belief in the […]

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Attacat Tim

SEO Roundup: How SEO evolved in November 2011

search changed by 35% in november. Or was that 6%? Google have been stepping up their efforts to communicate changes to webmasters. We’ve seen them give us heads up of forthcoming changes (so called “weather reports”), we’ve seen them quantify the impact of some changes (see fresh content commentary below), and now we’ve even seen […]

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