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Attacat Joel

Pagination for SEO

Pagination is a tricky issue in SEO, and there are many competing 'recommended solutions' out there. Google have now helped to clear the somewhat muddy waters with the consideration of "rel=next" and "rel=prev" link tags, and this post summarises the main approaches to pagination for SEO.

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Attacat Tim

London SMX Advanced: SEO Ranking Factors in 2010

This session looks at on-the-page and off-the-page factors that influence web search, to understand what remains useful, what no longer works, and what new signals are growing in importance. Moderator: Kristjan Mar Hauksson (KH), Director of Internet Marketing, Nordic eMarketing Q&A Moderator: Will Critchlow (WC), Co-Founder & Director, Distilled Speakers: Gary Beal (GB), MD, Vanguard […]

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