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With a crack team focused purely on ecommerce growth, we can solve your digital marketing and technology challenges together.

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Increase your ecommerce sales by adding to the lives of your customers

The quick wins often come from tightening up the presentation of your offering but the longer term is about finding and retaining loyal customers.

We’ll invest in understanding your passions and seek to find where these overlap with those of your customers. From that we’ll jointly create “helpful marketing” that actually benefits those being marketed to.

Core skills

Ecommerce strategy

SEO migrations

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Profit reporting

Data science

Content marketing

Email & workflows

Service enablement


“What you get with Attacat is a professional, friendly relationship, where it is extremely obvious they have the best interests of your business at the heart of everything they do. Their guidance and support in a world that is ever changing is invaluable."

– Rachel Thomson, Managing Director at A Hume

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Not just the marketing

In addition to the marketing, we also deliver technology that will unify your customer data and free you from “developer pain”*. All with a deep understanding of the challenges of growing an ecommerce business.

* The torment of you and your business being constantly held back by technical issues and an endless development queue.

Meet our ecommerce squad

Our agency within the agency. The squad also draws on specialists from the broader Attacat team as required.

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How we drove 64% year-on-year growth

“Since we have relaunched the website we continue to receive regular support and assistance from the Attacat team which has allowed us to focus on growing our online business and discovering new sales channels across the world."

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Proud to help grow businesses here on our doorstep

Achieving 17 years of profitable growth, ScotlandShop have raised the standards in the clothing and interior products Scotland offers to the world online.

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Let's review where you are

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Whether you are looking to escape a growth plateau, accelerate your growth or pivot into ecommerce for the first time, it all starts with the discussion about where you are today, and where you want to get to.