17 years of profitable growth and supporting Scottish craftsmanship

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15% annual growth may sound underwhelming, but when repeated for 17+ years it becomes a sustainable multi-million-pound business to be proud of. ScotlandShop's vision is to bring traditional and contemporary Scottish fashion to the world, whilst supporting heritage skills and creating rural employment. A story of hard graft and success in navigating changes in technology and establishing a loyal customer base through excelling in customer service.

The challenge

To continuously keep Anna and her team ahead of the curve on marketing and technology whilst not being so far ahead that the market and technology (browsers, broadband and search engines) were not ready for it.

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The approach

Quality-led strategy

Strategy focused on leading the charge to quality boutique Scottish fashion, supporting all those who love quality tartan, including designers and crafters.

Search engine and conversion optimisation

Optimising the site for search engines and conversion, considering the complexity of the product range and production process.

Seamless customer experience

Introducing automated flows into the customer journey, consolidating customer data, and training the team to create exciting and helpful content and build relationships.

Tech and digital advertising

Guidance and assistance with replatforming, early adoption of new digital advertising mediums and formats, and comprehensive understanding and reporting on the numbers.

The results


years of growth


average YoY growth


figure turnover from start-up


revenue in 2018/2019

“The relationship we have built with Attacat has been key to continuing our growth through unprecedented times. They feel like part of the team rather than an agency working on our behalf."

– Anna White, Owner at ScotlandShop

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17 years of growing together

ScotlandShop have raised the standards in the clothing and interior products Scotland offers to the world online. It's a business that has given worth to traditional skills and created employment in the Scottish Borders and other rural areas.

In the words of Attacat founder, Tim Barlow “If there’s one business I really feel twinned with, it’s ScotlandShop. Attacat’s growth has almost exactly mirrored ScotlandShop’s, we feel the same pains and the same pride in what we’ve created. We have been through it all together over many years in business. Every sale Anna makes feels like a sale for Attacat, likewise every new team member or move of premises. We have totally and absolutely “grown together””.

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