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Competitive Advantages in PPC: using the Google Merchant Center

Anyone can learn about PPC and keep their account ticking over but there's never, ever enough time to get everything done that can be. For an agency the time limits are often even tougher and this means identifying and weighing up different priorities, making judgement calls based on experience and only doing what will get the biggest return for the account. In essence it's a lot of compromising, a lot of missed opportunities and you're always playing catch-up.

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Attacat Jon

Video Landing Pages: The impact of using video

I'm definitely not the first to write about the impact of using video on your landing page, and I won't be the last. However I'm hoping that you can find something of interest from my experiences and at worst pass some time...I've set the bar too high haven't I? So, what makes a good video on your site?

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PPC Training: What would you do if you only had one hour to spend on AdWords?

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