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Month in Numbers: October 2015

In October’s somewhat spooky edition of Month in Numbers, we look at the effect that small changes in average app ratings can have on downloads, why the UK is stressing out over content marketing and a few fun Halloween related stats.

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microdata for seo

Microformats SEO how-to: I’ve a cunning Schema

Want increased traffic? Want improved click-through on your search results in Google and the like? Use microdata, microformats and Schema!

Microdata is HTML markup for pages used to better indicate what content is contained therein to sites including search engines like Google.

Disclamier: This is a bit of a techie post, and it includes discussion of code implementation. Even if you don’t understand the code please try to understand the opportunities provided.


LINK: Yes it is time to include HTML5 microformats in site code

..if you are not doing it already.
They recently expanded this support to include HTML5 microdata. They now use this markup to enhance results for people profiles, reviews, videos, events, and recipes.
via Google Expands Rich Snippet Support Internationally.


Link: Reputation Management for WordPress

Reputation Management for Wordpress plugin

We all want to see where our brands are being mentioned – there are a plethora of tools out there to achieve the task but this new Reputation Management for Wordpress plugin looks interesting…


Month in Numbers – August 2007

The proportion of the online search population that are looking for something that they have seen or heard offline, according to a new survey by Jupiter Research.



Month in Numbers – July 2007


The number of newspapers that Google have bought advertising space for in the US. Read the full article


The Month In Numbers – May 2007

6 Billion (Dollars)

The price that Microsoft will pay to acquire Aquantive, a digital marketing company. Read the full story


The Month In Numbers – April 2007

3.1 Billion (Dollars)

The price that Google paid for online advertising firm DoubleClick.


The Month In Numbers – March 2007

The proportion of total UK ad spend spent on online advertising. Read the full article here.
Between 12% and 15% of clicks through Yahoo Search Marketing ads are identified as fraudulent.
The rise in Click Through Rate attributed to Yahoo’s new Panama advertising platform.


The Month In Numbers – February 2007


The proportion of all clicks that Google records that are invalid (in the worst case). Undetected click fraud constitutes less than 0.02% of all clicks. Read the AdWords blog.

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