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Redesigning your Website? Here’s why you probably shouldn’t be

Improving websites has always been an internet marketing essential and since the arrival of Kiril at Attacat, it’s something we have been focusing on even more. His passion and expertise in what we describe as “conversion rate optimisation” (aka “website thinknig”) has really got my grey matter stirring and changed the way I think […]

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Google TV: Sit back and relax

I’ve looked forward to the convergence of the web and TV for a long time (though I’m not looking forward to the arguments over who gets the remote!)

Google TV seems to be the boldest play to date in this direction and as their new “

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LINK: Don’t let SEO get in the way of good design

Always at the forefront of SEO, SEOmoz have pulled another stunner of a blog post out of the bag with this article.
7 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends (that Can Actually Improve SEO)
Technology has moved on to […]

Attacat Home Page

Shiny & New: The Attacat Website is Officially Relaunched

We’ve done the worst of the debugging, sorted our redirects and updated webmaster tools.  Which leaves only IE6, Macs & the ribbon…….
we are open!

So what’s different?

The facelift – hopefully you feel we are a bit brighter and jollier
Covers all our services – for a long time we’ve been doing a lot more than

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