Google Ads’ new HubSpot connector: Data Manager

Google recently announced a new product Google Ads Data Manager.  HubSpot was included as a launch partner.  As you know, the bit of the Venn diagram where HubSpot and Google Ads overlap is an Attacat sweet spot, so of course we want to know all about it!

What is Data Manager?

It’s a newly released tool within Google Ads that allows an advertiser, without technical work, to connect Google Ads to third-party products (such as HubSpot and BigQuery) so they can talk to each other.

Connect HubSpot in Google Ads interface

Why should HubSpot users care?

It allows:

  1. HubSpot customer lifecycle (i.e lead quality) information to be used in Google Ads for conversion tracking and bidding.  Previously this ability to manage Google Ads lead generation campaigns towards lead quality and ultimately revenue took a lot of technical work.   This “closing the loop” on tracking has perhaps always been the holy grail of B2B PPC advertising and now it’s a lot easier to do.
  2. It allows ad information to be reported on within HubSpot (nothing new there)
  3. It allows you to tell Google who your best customers are which Google’s algorithms can use to find similar people. Technically this is about giving Google audience data and doing it in a secure and automated way. No more manually having to send Google lists of email addresses.

It appears as a simple tick-box exercise if you want to connect a 3rd party product but like many “out-of-the-box” products, things aren’t always quite what they seem. There is still work to be done outside Data Manager if you want it to do the job you want:

  1. Tweaking of settings in Google Ads. In particular offline conversion import and Customer Match settings
  2. Tweaking of settings in HubSpot so HubSpot sends the right information to Google
  3. It does require Google tracking (either GA4 or Google Ads Conversion Tracking to already be in place, so if you don’t have that, there will be a need to get the tech team involved).

Side note: sadly there does not appear to be a similar product for GA4 with HubSpot. That’s something we are looking into.

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