Newsletter – November 2022

Hannah achieves Certified HubSpot Trainer status

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Senior Inbound Marketing Manager, Hannah Porter has become a HubSpot Certified Trainer. Successful candidates must already be certified for Inbound Marking, Inbound Sales, HubSpot Marketing Software and HubSpot Sales Software before applying for training certification. If successful, the candidate then has to complete a further series of workshops followed by an exam for final assessment. The qualification helps enable the teaching of inbound and HubSpot and is supported by the HubSpot Academy.

It is a recognition of the very high standards set by the HubSpot Academy and the excellent work and expertise that Hannah has already shown with our existing and new clients. It gives Hannah access to new training and resources which we believe will help our clients and prospects get even more out of HubSpot.

As a business we recognise the importance of HubSpot certifications and our aim is to support more of our people to achieve these high standards during 2023.



A bit more about Dall International

In last month’s newsletter we wrote that we had hosted members of the Dall Alliance here in Edinburgh. The response we received prompted us to share more information about Dall and the benefit it brings.

Essentially, it is a partnership of hand-picked, top-performing digital agencies from all across Europe. What makes it different is that we are all independent agencies that take a flexible and personalised approach with all of our clients. Attacat have been a partner with Dall since it was formed at the Google Premier Partner Awards back in 2017.

Andrew Morgan, Attacat’s Digital Transformation Director, said “It’s been really helpful to be able to work with like minded agencies who can help broaden the services we offer our clients and prospects. Equally we’ve enjoyed being able to contribute to other Dall partner projects in Europe. I think being part of a Pan-European set-up has also helped broadened our own horizons.”

Attacat to present at HubSpot Spotlight session

We are excited to have been asked to present to the commercial teams in HubSpot UK & Ireland on 1 December. The theme we are presenting is Commerce & HubSpot. The webinar covers the misconceptions of what commerce means (it’s not just ecommerce), the commerce sweet spot for HubSpot, the likely issues and the solutions we’ve created to resolve them. The webinar will be run by Andrew Morgan and Ruairidh Leishman.

The purpose of this webinar is to let HubSpot see how their platform is being used for certain applications across different sectors. It is a chance for their commercial teams – who know the benefits & features of the product inside out – to see how it is actually being applied by businesses and to better understand the issues as well as the outcomes.

If you think that this presentation would be of interest to you and your team, please click on the link and register your interest in a webinar.



Live chat automation that actually helps customers

Automating live chat can save you lots of time. But we’ve all been on the receiving end of poor automation.  So how can you add automation that is genuinely useful to customers?  One approach is to focus less on conversation automation, and more on task automation.

In this video we will show you an example of how a HubSpot chatbot can look up the status of shipments, allowing customers to keep track of their orders via a channel and at a time of their choice.

More insights

There’s a lot more information, insights and “how to” articles in the Attacat Brain section of our website. Here’s our most recent:


Holiday cover

Our office will be closed from 23 December to 3 January, but we will have essential cover working over those dates. We are reaching out to all our clients individually to confirm their plans.



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