Pope’s Edinburgh Visit: Traffic info for the Blogging New Media Breakfast

The Edinburgh New Media Breakfast this month coincides with the Pope’s visit to town.

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The Pope
Creative Commons License photo credit: roblisameehan

The Pope has been gracious enough to ensure that the worst of traffic disruption will not start until well after the Breakfast has finished. We assume this is because of his known enthusiasm for this month’s topic: blogging (The breakfast will be led by Gordon White from fatBuzz, I’m going to be doing a ten minute slot on SEO & blogs as part of the Breakfast)

There will be some closures in place that will make getting to and from the breakfast a little more difficult than usual.  To save you the trouble of deciphering the various traffic info documents, I’ve been through them in detail and here is my interpretation.

Getting There

Gordon will start his talk at 8 (i.e. more promptly than usual) so please aim to arrive a bit earlier.  This is to ensure that it is easier to get away afterwards (see below).

  • By Car – At this time the only places to avoid are Holyrood, Holyrood Park and part of Princes St. Crossing Princes St should not be too difficult as you will be able to get across at the Mound or the Bridges. Parking is going to be less straight forward as parking around the venue is going to be suspended (see shaded area on map for suggestions for nearest on street parking)
  • Road Closures and Recommended Parking (Larger Map)

  • By Bus – several routes are operating on special timetables and altered routes.  Detailed info here.
  • On Foot – Shouldn’t be a problem

Getting Away

The Mound will be shut by the end of the Breakfast so if you need to drive to the north of Edinburgh, use the bridges.

At 10.15 most of the arterial routes coming from the West including the Western Approach Road and Corstorphine Road will be shut until 11.30 as his Holiness comes into town from the airport.  It is anticipated that the breakfast, including the Q&A will be finished by 9.30 at the very latest to give those who need to get west the chance to get clear without any problems

Almost all roads will be reopened by 3.30 in the afternoon so getting home in the evening should be no problem at all.

Viewing the Pope

If you want to see the Pope whilst you are in town, then from what I can work out he will be coming down Princes St at around 12ish.  My daughter and I will try to catch him between 12.30 and 1.00 as he makes his way up towards Morningside for lunch.  If you want to join us let me know!

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