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Attacat Tim
Attacat Why It’s Time We Stop Thinking About Websites

Why It’s Time We Stop Thinking About Websites

The way many organisations plan their online presence today still looks something like this:     Interactions on all channels have the sole purpose of pointing prospects back to the company website, driving them through the funnel in just one location. But if prospects are happy where they are, why are we so insistent on […]

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Rachael Bews
Attacat December Month In Numbers

December Month In Numbers

5 Highlighted in a recent article by BBC Newsbeat, YouTuber Evan Edinger recently shared the 5 main ways he monetises his vlog: AdSense, Patreon, affiliate links, merchandise and brand ads. The latter, brand ads, can certainly prove the most lucrative. However with increasingly educated audiences and the rise of micro-influencers, we question how long big […]

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