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Attacat Tim

Battling it out: Search Engine Optimisation vs Social Media

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a battle between social media and SEO? After all search engine optimisation (SEO), according to some, is dead and social media is still seen by many as pretty sexy even if it is becoming a bit more Cindy Crawford than Cheryl Cole? Well actually no, there is no battle. Not really anyway :)

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Attacat Joel

Social media roundup: March & Easter

This Easter social media roundup is eggactly what you need to catch up on the social media news and tips from the last month-and-a-bit. See what I did there? I used the word egg. Easter. Egg.
Actually quite a lot has happened over March and the Easter period so prepare to be metaphorically headbutted in the face by a stream of pure information:
google speccy four eyes google plus redesigns / copies free-ish social media tools pinterest: waste of time? facebook searches, lists and leaves tweetdeck better

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