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Month in Numbers May

Month in Numbers: May 2013

We take a look at some exciting numbers and stats from the month of May.

Unique Value Proposition P.3 Is that really appealing?

This is the 3rd and the last part of the UVP development series where we cover the importance of appeal and clarity.

Stop Search

Doing Search? “Stop it – it’s not clever”

In the kick-off keynote at last month’s Digital, Chris Thomson from ComScore made this statement: ‘Doing Search [search engine marketing/optimisation]? Stop it, it’s not clever. Do something else instead.’ While that is almost tempting, let me instead explain why I – a man who has dof search in his time – lean towards agreeing with Chris.


Google Tag Manager

Warning: geeky technical post!

Google tag manager is the tool from Google that enables tracking tags to be easily (?) set, audited, modified and updated with lessened need for time-consuming web developer input. It’s a great idea that will enable clients and online marketing agencies to have much more flexibility in the updating of their website tracking and advertising.

Summerhall Edinburgh

ScotlandJS : a conference for the office techie

End of last week I had the privilege of attending ScotlandJS, a conference (held in the fabulous Summerhall dissection theatre) for the Javascript Community of Edinburgh and beyond. Read about my take on the event here!

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Month in Numbers: April 2013

Its Month In Numbers o’clock and April certainly felt chock full of them!


Mediacom Engage: Connected Planning

While several of my colleagues were off in Glasgow last Thursday, I took part in the Mediacom Engage Lecture series here in Edinburgh. The day featured four speakers covering a wide range of issues and innovations in regards to marketing and media connectivity. If you weren’t lucky enough to tag along, read on to find out the top things I took away from the day!

thirstday register here

#Thirstday: Sponsored by Attacat 2nd May 2013

Attacat are sponsoring this months Thirstday. Registration and information here!

gocardless mandate screen

Direct Debit now spoken here

A very quick post to say that we can now accept direct debit thanks to the hopelessly easy to use GoCardless.


Digital 2013: Workshop 5 Gaining attention in a crowded space

The live blog from Workshop Five of Digital 2013 at the SECC in Glasgow on the 25th April 2013.

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