A plain English interpretation of GA4 events for ecommerce sites

How can you tell if your GA4 set-up is collecting all the information you are going to need for your ecommerce site?  A great place to start is to compare your “Event report” to the list of Google Analytics “events” below.

(This is step two in our Eight point checklist for GA4 that we shared in our recent Getting ready for GA4 webinar.)

Why understanding your events is important

An event is simply any interaction on your site that GA4 records for you.

If you know what is being recorded, then you’ll be able to:

  • interpret your GA4 reports
  • understand what your GA4 set-up can report on, even if there isn’t a report already set-up for it.

Importantly if you can’t see any of the events below in your GA4 event report, then your GA4 will not be able to report on it for you.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you’ll only be able to report on an event from the date you start collecting it.  So it’s good to think about what you might also want to report on in the future when deciding what events to configure.

Seeing your events

Simply go to your “Events report” in GA4 by going to Reports > Engagement > Events)).

Make sure you can see all the following in your report:

You may also want some or all of the below set up too:


Only able to see a small portion of the above events?

(Warning. Build up to the sales pitch!)

You are not alone!  There is a common view that GA should just work.  This is not helped by Google saying they will set your GA4 property up automatically for you.

GA has never been a “does everything straight out of the box product”. It does, and always has, required a lot of technical configuration to take full advantage of its capabilities.  So if you can’t see those events, and want to be able to report on them, you will need to get them configured.

Whilst some web developers may be able to do it for, our experience is that it’s not something they have the specialist knowledge to do well. That’s really not surprising given the number of bases a modern web dev needs to be able to cover.

GA configuration requires a very specific combination of marketing and technical skills.  It also requires some pretty forensic levels of testing and issue resolution to make sure you are not only recording the data you need, but that you are also recording it accurately and in a privacy-compliant way.

So can Attacat help?

Well yes. Seeing you asked 😊


If you need any help in doing "digital" better don't hesitate to contact us.

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