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Facebook ads downfall: more ads and shorter ads

Facebook is going to shorten their ads so they can fit more in. Either this will give users a greater choice of ads and drive up clicks, revenue and general goodness for all (users, advertisers and Facebook) or the current good advertisers will have their ads lost in a blanket of poor ads and users will ignore the wall of ads completely.

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Attacat Joel

Social media roundup: January 2012

A new year, a new load of social media news you probably missed. You may have still been drunk from New Year's. That's fine, but you shouldn't be drunk now. Put the gin down. social media and search works – let's sack people Google 'warps' search with plus Your World Twitter changes things... Facebook changes things... only 17% of your fans see your posts measurement and monitoring FBI style QR codes: big ol' overview

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