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Attacat Joel

Social media roundup: January 2012

A new year, a new load of social media news you probably missed. You may have still been drunk from New Year's. That's fine, but you shouldn't be drunk now. Put the gin down. social media and search works – let's sack people Google 'warps' search with plus Your World Twitter changes things... Facebook changes things... only 17% of your fans see your posts measurement and monitoring FBI style QR codes: big ol' overview

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Impression share metrics at ad group level

Possibly the most exciting PPC news in months? Well, exciting for me anyway - Google has announced that from the end of January the Impression Share metrics will now be available at Ad Group level. One of the key elements of Adword’s success is Google’s balancing of available data – giving just enough data while keeping a lot of the insight hidden, pushing advertisers to work hard at trial and error and rewarding those who invest. Being able to identify ad impression we've lost out on at ad group level will help us hone in on the areas with poor relevance easier.

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