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Attacat Month in Numbers

Month In Numbers – April 2011

The Attacat Month In Numbers – April 2011

Local Search – Google Boost

Back in December I blogged about the importance of local search, and promised a follow up post about Google’s new local ad product – Google Boost. Boost was initially launched in selected U.S. cities in October 2010 and rolled out across the rest of the U.S. in late January. It is now being tested […]

Google logo

Adwords and Facebook ads: Go tweak crazy

It seems to have been a really rather busy few weeks for Google, withhem testing new appearances and variations of PPC advert display all over the place. Here’s a summary of the changes we’ve seen popping up recently:

Google Places Changes

Google’s Local Listings: A New Hybrid Algorithm

Last week Google made one of the most significant changes it has ever made. It’s very big news for anybody wanting to rank for local search phrases.


New Foursquare button: Add to your site today?

The Foursquare blog has announced that you can now integrate an ‘add to Foursquare’ button onto your website. I’m personally not a big fan of Foursquare and don’t use it, but I can certainly see how this could start to truly integrate it across the web and make it less of a ‘quirky add-on experience’.


New Edinburgh SEO Page: Ooh, aren’t we the naughty ones?

This one has been on our to-do list since the day we re-launched our website back in March but we have finally added a page about our specific Edinburgh search engine optimisation services for those looking for assistance within the confines of our pleasant capital.

Try as I might to justify this purely in terms of being a website improvement, while those looking for an Edinburgh-based SEO company or wanting to improve their presence on Edinburgh terms will be enthralled by the new page you probably won’t be surprised to hear that one of the drivers for adding the page is to improve our rankings on the phrase “Edinburgh SEO“. So does this make the addition of this page ‘unethical’?

Google Places - Davis Duncan

A Curious set of Circumstances: Google Places

Morale of the story: Claim your correct Google Places listing or you risk losing business (or at the very least annoying your customers). Also – think about some PPC advertising on your brand terms!


What is Next in Search? A follow-up to the “Brief History of Search” Video

A look into the past and future direction of search.

Link: Local Search Ranking Factors

Great list of things to do to gain local search results & ordered by level of importance so you have a better indication of where to start.


Link: Employee Profile Pages to Boost Local Search Results

I read a good article (Search Engine Land) on optimising your website for local search by creating individual employee pages. Basically the view is to create separate pages for your employees and include info such as contact details, links to blog posts and LinkedIn profiles. I think its definitely […]

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