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Social Media Podcast

Quiet News Day: You are listening to…erm…Tim Barlow?

It’s fair to say I have a little way to go before I become Pete Tong, but of late, I’ve been getting some real exposure to the radio-type format that is audio podcasting.
This is thanks to a new residency slot on the Social Media Podcast. (Cringing whilst writing the word “residency”, but hey ho)

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97 Tips and 2 Quotes from SMX Advanced London

After two days of presentations and a good few hours going through my notes, here is the list of points that I took away from the organic search and social media tracks at SMX Advanced London (the premier high level search conference this side of the Atlantic).
I’ve […]

iAd presentation

3 Fails of the Proposed iAd Charging Model

An article in AdAge is suggesting that Apple are going to charge a flat fee for their forthcoming mobile advertising platform, iAd, announced last month.
The figures being proposed are a combined $10 per thousand impressions (CPM) in addition to $2 per click!  This two bites of the cherry […]


Getting to grips with Quality Score

Quality Score can often spark habitual chin stroking and raised eyebrows.  If you are having issues, do not fear we have found an excellent blog piece that covers all you need to know about the infamous Quality Score.


Page load slowly?  Now it costs you (even more).

As per the heads up in March, Google AdWords have just announced that the time it takes for your landing page (i.e. the page on your site that the AdWords advert is pointed at) is now considered as part of quality score. In a business sense, this […]


Page Load Time to be factored into your AdWords Advertising Costs

We have speculated in the past that the speed with which your site loads was potentially a factor in your Google AdWords quality score. Experienced advertisers will be familiar with the fact that your quality score directly impacts what you pay for each click from Google.


Review of Attacat’s 2007 Predictions part 2

The rest of the predictions we would have “almost put money on”

Prediction 6 – Google will take landing page quality into account for determining your AdWords ranking. Google will also give an indication of quality score which will wake up some currently inefficient advertisers.


Predictions for Search Engine Advertising in 2007

It is that time of year for everybody to make guesses at what the New Year may bring, so we thought we would have a go as well. Clearly, we will be sitting down in 12 months time to look at how wrong we were, so please take with a pinch of salt. […]


YSM Panama Update has Started

There is another e-mail in from Yahoo! Search Marketing this morning about their forthcoming update (known as the Panama update and widely seen as YSM moving to a model close to that of Google AdWords).

“Invitations will be sent in stages to U.S. advertisers over the remainder of the year and early next year.”

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