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Unethical SEO – Russian Government Seeks Help to Hide the Truth from SERP

There can be no doubt that search engines are not just a commercial tool any more. It became the optimal starting point for any information research, especially in countries with no freedom of speech and an entirely corrupted media, search engines would be the last reliable resort of finding trustworthy information.

In the business world, tactics have focused on optimising “the right pages” in order to outrank the pages with harmful information (think about brand search queries where “Company X is a scam” is on the first page of results). This is already so common that arguing about the ethics is useless. When millions of dollars are spent on building the brand equity, any method becomes ethical by default. A few thousand dollars for an SEO company is a very cost effective method considering the potential harm bad reviews can cause the company’s bottom line.

However, when a government company is offering taxpayer’s money in order to hide their own mistakes it’s definitely over the top.

Google Plus One Button

Spam Proof? Why Google’s +1 will be difficult to abuse

Following the (partial) release of Google’s Plus One button, there has been a lot of chat amongst the SEO community about what impact it may have on rankings. The debate that has interested me is the one around whether it is spamable or not. More of that below.

What is Plus One (aka […]

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Sharing and SEO Updates: A follow up to the Sharing New Media Breakfast

At last month’s New Media Breakfast, Gordon White and myself discussed the topic of content sharing.  Whilst I covered quite a lot of additional ground this time, I was still allowed to have my usual indulgence of a few minutes looking at the SEO aspects […]

NMB Video Blog

Video SEO: Why & how you should do it

The latest New Media Breakfast covered the topic of Video for Business.  As is becoming customary, I was invited to do a short slot on the search engine optimisation (SEO) aspects of the topic.  Here’s what I talked about in relation to SEO & video, both in Glasgow last month and this morning in […]

Microsoft AdCenter Logo

Yahoo & Bing UK Transition now earlier in 2011?

It what is already shaping up to be the best communicated search engine platform transition ever, we got an email this morning from Microsoft AdCenter confirming that the UK transition of Yahoo! search to being powered by Microsoft’s Bing and AdCenter search offerings is on target for early 2011.

Reading between the lines […]


LINK: Major changes in organic listings for Local

I’d love to blog about this fully as this is such a HUGE change in my view, but time is short.  See in the meantime please read Search Engine Land’s report of the recent change to Google results pages for local […]


SEO, Blogging & Google Analytics: JCiEdinburgh – Social Media Academy Seminar

Google Analytics & SEO (focussed more around blogging) given to the Junior Chamber International (Edinburgh)

Google TV Logo

Google TV: Sit back and relax

I’ve looked forward to the convergence of the web and TV for a long time (though I’m not looking forward to the arguments over who gets the remote!)

Google TV seems to be the boldest play to date in this direction and as their new “


LINK:Seth Godin on Optimisation

Whilst not talking about optimising for search engines per se, Seth Godin’s recent post on the topic of optimising , actually has a lot of parallels to our approach to search engine optimisation (SEO).
That’s one reason I resist the temptation to optimize this blog for traffic and yield. I’d rather force myself to improve it […]


Blogging: The SEO benefits and 9 tips for improving your blog’s ranks

I’ve just finished doing a quick slot on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits of blogging at this morning’s New Media Breakfast in Edinburgh. Here’s what I had to say, together with some additional perspective on some of the issues I didn’t have time to delve into.
Blog for SEO?
Do we recommend blogging as […]

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