A leap into the unknown: building a business in a day


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Hooray! We’ve been given an extra day this year!  The 29th of February is just a week away and the Attacats are going to use this leap day to do something a bit different: 

We are going to set-up a completely new business. From scratch. In a single day.  

At 9am on Monday (29th) the business, which has nothing to do with digital marketing, will be nothing more than a concept. At that point it won’t have a name, will have no market research, no customers, no suppliers, no employees and certainly no website or marketing plan.  

The aim is to create or define it all in a day using the Attacat team (and possibly a little help from you via social media as the day progresses)!

The “big reveal” at 9.00am on the 29th

Here’s the real kicker: the team know we are using the day to set up a business but I’m keeping the idea itself close to my chest until the day. Before then they’re getting nothing more than the odd clue that might slip out on Facebook.

So while the day should be great fun, educational and rewarding, this isn’t just a team building exercise; it’s a business idea I genuinely want to make a go of.  

*We’ve still got a good bit of work to get done before the end of the month, so it’s not just about being mysterious; the Attacat day-to-day must continue without distraction!

One day only

The principal aim is to get the business up and running in a day, and by ‘up and running’ I mean a state where it can run on an ongoing basis with minimal input from me.

That last part is really important. I (and the team) are, of course, committed to Attacat so if we can get someone in to run this new business and work to automate it as much as possible then we can do it for a day and then get back to the day job!

Is it mission impossible? It’s a big ask, yes, but then again it’s not every day that 12 Attacats set out to solve a problem together. As with any leap into the unknown we’ll find out on the day.

Where has all this madness come from?

We all put off doing things for lack of time. What would you do if you were told you’d been given an extra day next Monday and everything else could wait?

I’ve always wanted to try to build a business in a day (long before the Apprentice started!). A week ago I was thinking about my latest business idea when an email from Gordon White at fatBuzz came in talking about how they were using the ‘extra day’ of the 29th*.  That was it. I suddenly realised this was my golden opportunity to give it a go. My brain has been in overdrive since!

I hope you’ll join in the fun (or, at least, witness the mayhem) on the day through social media (#attamadness). Stay tuned to the Attacat Brain this week for more information and sign up to our newsletter (scroll down) for a reminder to tune in on the day.

*You should check out how fatbuzz are using their extra day, it’s pretty cool.

Note for Attacat clients

If you’ve got anything you think we might need to do for you on the 29th (next Monday) then it would be hugely appreciated if you could give us as much warning as possible please so we can plan it in. Obviously if we can do it this week instead that would be even better!

Follow the day live!

We’re going to be live reporting #attamadness throughout the day! Why not stay tuned?

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