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Newsletter – September 2022

Google are ramping up "visual" Rather than a mini-budget, Google had a mini-I/O* in the form of their ...
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How to reduce the negative impacts of postal losses for customer service teams using Hubspot

Research from Citizens Advice found that over a single year, five and a half million (one in ten ...
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Newsletter – August 2022

Welcome to Sofia Sofia Ignatiadi has joined us as a Junior Software Engineer. Sofia recently completed CodeClan's 3 ...
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HubSpot Service Analytics Infographic

HubSpot Service Hub offers sophisticated reporting capabilities and invaluable insight into your customer pain points, enabling agents to ...
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HubSpot Service Hub Analytics

If you're a customer services team manager looking to streamline processes for your team, monitor performance levels and ...
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Graph showing profit

Improve your lead quality and generate more profit with HubSpot lead scoring

Is your marketing team working hard to generate leads but your sales team is struggling to prioritise them? ...
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What omnichannel service management can do for you

"Omnichannel". What a disgusting word! Sadly it's one of those words that has gained traction as a result ...
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What you need to be investing in following Google Marketing Live 2022

What is Google Marketing Live? Once a year Google holds an annual jamboree for marketing professionals and agencies. ...
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HubSpot Service Hub to boost team productivity

How HubSpot Service Hub can boost your team’s productivity

Are you a customer support manager looking to engage your team and boost productivity? Then HubSpot’s Customer Service ...
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