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We always welcome feedback but have to say it’s always better when it’s positive! We recently received a wee video testimonial from a client, the Knowledge Transfer Network, who we have done some project work in measurement for over the past few months. Helen Bray, who is the Marketing Director for KTN had this to say:

KTN is an organisation set up to connect people –  to solutions, to speed up innovations and to discover new markets. Working with a variety of companies of all sizes and sectors, they have helped build a network that helps enterprising companies succeed and realise their full potential.

We worked with KTN focusing mainly on measurement by conducting an extensive review of current analytics to prepare for and transition into a new site and measurement strategy. By understanding the customer journey and how certain events and actions can be tracked in Google Analytics, KTN will now be able to use this data to make more informed decisions in regards to their site and strategies going forward.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, Helen, and hope we will be of assistance again in the future!

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They've kept the deadlines, they've kept the timing and they've really given us something we can take away and implement ourselves. So, thoroughly recommended.

Helen Bray, Marketing Director, the Knowledge Transfer Network

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