How Jordan helped deliver a 75% increase in sales

This is the story of a digital marketing strategy and subsequent collaboration that led to:


  • Sales going up 75% in a year
  • The £5 million turnover benchmark being broken for first time
  • Awesome search engine rankings
  • A social presence with a purpose



Who are rugbystore?

rugbystore-client-image-4 is a world leader in supplying all things rugby.  Attacat are proud to have worked with them since 2006, initially just managing their paid search and then their organic search.  More recently, in close collaboration with their in-house marketing teams, we’ve developed and delivered an overall digital marketing strategy leading to a 75% increase in business in the last year alone.  All whilst maintaining the all important margin.


The challenge

With hundreds of retailers selling comparable items at varying price points, how could we make best use of in-house resources to jointly develop the brand and drive growth without compromising on margin?


The approach

The workshop

We started with a workshop with the key team at The focus was on finding a way to make them stand out from the crowd .  This process started with understanding of their current customers, products, ethos and capabilities.

Various strengths came to the fore including:

  • a focus on high quality products covering all rugby needs
  • a meticulous design ethic
  • highly satisfied customers

It soon became clear that whilst serves both fans and players, its stand out capability, though, lies in its ability to serve players who live and breathe rugby.

The core persona created as part of the process was ‘Jordan’ – a fan who also loves to play rugby.  We built up a profile of his needs and passions and then asked what more could do for Jordan.


The strategy

‘What would Jordan think?’ became the litmus test for our strategy and planning process. “Content” and experiences that Jordan would lap up became the cornerstone of the strategy.  It would allow to play a role in the life of the serious player in a way that neither discounters (competiting retailers) or established media (from Rugby World magazine to the BBC) were.  This “attention” could then be used to develop both new customers and to keep existing customers coming back.


The delivery

Our plan was two-pronged; devise online marketing plans that would drive traffic to the site and support and train the client team to update the site with relevant, engaging content, interpret analytics and results.

Collaboration with the team was key to deliver our comprehensive traffic driving plan:

  • New blog development – A new slick design and repositioned content (international rugby event commentary as well as nutrition, advice on the right kit for your game, engaging skills insights and stories and recommendations from pros).   From a standing start we managed to drive traffic up to 50,000 visits in just 3 months.


rd blog befor



rd blog after



  • Comprehensive SEO review – optimisation plan for the site.
  • PPC targeting and retargeting – engaging ‘countdown to the game’ ads
  • Email database analysis – segmenting the data by supporter and player purchases and identified that the lifetime value of a player is far higher than the supporter group which was the insight that drove our strategic thinking
  • Testing innovative, niche marketing channels – search remarketing, display remarketing, Google shopping ads to drive awareness and sales
  • Strategic low stock promotion – based on competitor low stock we maximised opportunities to promote key stock
  • Mobile optimisation – targeted mobile PPC campaigns
  • Facebook – strategy development, remarketing, content engagement and training
  • Facebook and Adwords integration – with specific copy driving traffic to the blog


The results

With a strong integrated approach in place including on-site SEO, paid promotion and an optimised site in place, we’ve seen sales for the business increase by 75%. This has helped to grow the business to £5 million in turnover annually, and we are continuing to work hand in hand with the client team to drive growth even further.



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