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Attacat Dani

Mobile has arrived! (officially)

While the news that ‘mobile has arrived’ isn’t news at all, its ‘official’ arrival is. While it’s been a bit of a long time coming, we can finally say, a new era has dawned. Mobile has arrived (officially). According to Google, this is the first year that the mobile industry has officially dwarfed that of PC, […]

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Attacat Joel

Google add-on plugins for Google Drive / Docs / Sheets

At Attacat we love Google Drive (or Docs as we still call it), and today it promises to get better with the launch of add-ons. Edit: Add-ons don't appear to be working yet, at least in the UK. The 'Add-ons' drop-down in the menu bar doesn't appear, and clicking to access anything from the store just opens up a blank doc/sheet. Damn you Google!

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Attacat Tim

The “junk mail” bar is about to be raised and Apple is treading dangerously?

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