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PPC Roundup – March 2011

What’s been happening in the wonderful world of Pay-per-Click this month?
AdCenter Launches Quality Scores
From Spring the familiar 1-10 Quality Score will be included in Adcenter, formed from sub-scores for; keyword relevance (ie. CTR), landing page (and ad copy) relevance and landing page user experience (as defined by


Trademarks in PPC: A new development?

Since the changes to Google Trademark policy it appeared that bidding on trademarks in Google AdWords and other PPC engines was now OK under certain circumstances. However a recent case has seen a judge in the U.S. award damages for infringement of a trademark in Google Adwords to the tune of $292,235.20.

Is this a warning to advertisers or a special case?

Google logo

Adwords and Facebook ads: Go tweak crazy

It seems to have been a really rather busy few weeks for Google, withhem testing new appearances and variations of PPC advert display all over the place. Here’s a summary of the changes we’ve seen popping up recently:


Google Instant: Game Changer or Evolution?

The latest major Google announcement is the arrival of what it terms “results before you type”.  Google is now trying to predict what you are searching for and giving you results before you’ve even completed typing in your search phrase.

So is this a truly significant change, or just […]

AdWords Advertiser spend level breakdown

Paid Search Spend: Less than 2000 advertisers spend more $10,000/month?

The biggest Google AdWords spenders have been revealed by Ad Age in what makes very interesting reading.
AT&T spent an average of $270,000 a day throughout June (largely on promoting the iPhone4).

Image source:


LINK: The final word on PPC punctuation. Period.

There was I, thinking of writing a lovely interesting piece on punctuation in paid-search keywords after coming up against a few tricky special characters, only to stumble upon this rather tidy little summary by the Search Agents<. The Final Word on Punctuation. Period. | The Search Agents


New AdWords Trademark Policy: Good news for resellers and others

Last year Google updated their AdWords trademark policy in the US.  The aim was to allow some non-trademark owners to use trademarks as keywords for their PPC advertising without having to get permission from the trademark owner.
As I predicted then, this policy has now been rolled out to the UK (as well as Ireland […]

Bubbles in the ice

Google AdWords Agency Transparency: Yes, we expect to tick all boxes without a problem

Andrew Girdwood has recently posted on E-Consultancy that Google are going to be tightening up the terms and conditions it has with it’s agency partners.  Such partners include internet marketing agencies such as ourselves, as well as traditional advertising agencies and even PR companies with search […]

Sponsored link with phone number

LINK: Phone number or Not? That is an AdWords Ad Copy Question

It’s quite a frequently asked question: should you include a phone number or not in your Google AdWords and PPC adverts?

The short answer is “no (in most cases)”.  Here’s an excellent more detailed answer: How To Raise […]


AdWords Sitelinks: Migration & Revelations

I recently blogged about Google rolling out the campaign sitelinks option to all campaigns in AdWords. Since then, there have been a few updates and revelations which have kept my excitement for the ad extensions live on.

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