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How Does Google Work?

How Google Works: In flow diagram format

PPC Blog has pulled together this rather fine infographic.  Obviously even at this complexity, it’s a seriously simplified version. Who’s not to say that even a geek might learn something from it.
What the diagram perhaps doesn’t immediately convey is the incredible speed that Google manages to do all of this – possibly the greatest […]

google related adwords

Another Google Test: Are you related?

In another odd PPC move, Google appear to be testing PPC adverts not targeted to the search query but ‘related’ to it.


Updated Link: Google testing retailer rating integration for PPC

It seems as though Google is considering inserting 5-star rating into paid search results, and has begun testing it in selected results. From the examples seen so far it appears to be drawing through Amazon product ratings, but there is potential for using a wide range of website rankings. What chance of Google showing us Ebay seller ratings, or property reviews for accommodation results?

Ad Sitelinks: More Than a CTR Booster

In November 2009, Google introduced the ‘ad sitelinks’ feature which allows advertisers to enter up to ten sitelinks to appear under any advert within a campaign. When AdWords first launched this feature last year, I immediately added sitelinks to a generic campaign which mostly used the homepage as a landing page. The top 4 sitelinks covered the 4 most popular product ranges on the site. On day 1, the click-through-rate improved by 12% compared to the day before.

Search Engine Journal Logo

LINK: The cost of changing AdWords accounts

One for the AdWords quality score geeks: Interesting case study of an advertiser who just duplicated a long established AdWords account into a new account.
LINK: Do New Advertisers Pay 4x More Than Established Advertisers? […]

Google related search

Google suggest what to search for in PPC

Google related searchGoogle is never one to rest, always testing new ideas and alterations to the search results format. The latest we’re seeing evidence of is search suggestions in the right-hand-side paid search results column, worded as ‘Also try’.

Google AdWords Account Reviews (&drinks)

Last night the Attacat team travelled over to the west side of Scotland to experience some renowned hospitality and free drinks curiosity of our friends at FatBuzz. FatBuzz, formerly known as podcastmatters and design matters, unveiled the name change and re-branding to an eager audience in Glasgow’s swanky establishment 29.

Attacat:Singing in the Rain

Scotland is known for it’s bad weather and we’re certainly used to people complaining about it. But as many pay-per-click practitioners will tell you, we’re delighted to see the heavens open…

Saturday: 12.20.2008

Keywords on the Brain

I’ve decided to write a few posts that cover some principal theories and methodologies applicable to PPC.
I appreciate that there are many PPC experts who can fill pages upon pages of theories on keyword principles and structure. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just want a quick read and a fresh perspective on matters. So without further waffle, i will present you with my perspective on PPC keywords.

Archery with the Pre-Teens

Google Adwords new keyword match type

Google have unveiled a new keyword match type called Modified Broad. This new keyword matching option allows the average PPC boffin to gain a level of control in terms of their keyword targeting and scope.

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