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Blogging in Renfrewshire: New Media Breakfast rolls into Linwood for the Chamber of Commerce

If you were at the New Media Breakfast in Linwood (that’s the far side of Glasgow and an early start for us Edinburgh types) you may be interested in my notes from when the blogging breakfast ran previously.  As ever, Gordon has updated his content.  Luckily for […]


New Media Breakfast for Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce

Last month, as featured here on the Brain, Attacat Joel took part in the first New Media Breakfast in Renfrewshire.  Here’s an interview with Renfrewshire’s Chamber of Commerce Chief, put together as ever by the fatBuzz team.

Phoenix Honda New Media Breakfast

Facebook in Renfrewshire: The New Media Breakfast lands at Linwood

This morning sees the first New Media Breakfast being run in conjunction with Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce and of course fatBuzz.
It’s an updated version of the Facebook event recently run in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  The speakers are fatBuzz’s Gordon White and our very own Attacat Joel.  Hannah took full […]

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