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Google Instant: Game Changer or Evolution?

The latest major Google announcement is the arrival of what it terms “results before you type”.  Google is now trying to predict what you are searching for and giving you results before you’ve even completed typing in your search phrase.

So is this a truly significant change, or just […]

Digg: Time to take it seriously?

I’m a Digg Luddite. There, I admitted it.

Digg, the social news site, has been on my radar for years. I’ve spoken to many a savvy Internet marketer that salivates over it. I’ve seen it used in powerful ways for SEO. But whenever I tried […]

Carbonmade Home Page

LINK: Don’t let SEO get in the way of good design

Always at the forefront of SEO, SEOmoz have pulled another stunner of a blog post out of the bag with this article.
7 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends (that Can Actually Improve SEO)
Technology has moved on to […]

0 to 120 in 4 seconds

Website Speed: WordPress on a Dedicated Server

Page load times have been rumoured to be part of the Google Algorithm for a while now. We see what effect publishing a site onto a Wordpress CMS, deployed on a dedicated server, has on site speed as measured by Google.


New Edinburgh SEO Page: Ooh, aren’t we the naughty ones?

This one has been on our to-do list since the day we re-launched our website back in March but we have finally added a page about our specific Edinburgh search engine optimisation services for those looking for assistance within the confines of our pleasant capital.

Try as I might to justify this purely in terms of being a website improvement, while those looking for an Edinburgh-based SEO company or wanting to improve their presence on Edinburgh terms will be enthralled by the new page you probably won’t be surprised to hear that one of the drivers for adding the page is to improve our rankings on the phrase “Edinburgh SEO“. So does this make the addition of this page ‘unethical’?

How Does Google Work?

How Google Works: In flow diagram format

PPC Blog has pulled together this rather fine infographic.  Obviously even at this complexity, it’s a seriously simplified version. Who’s not to say that even a geek might learn something from it.
What the diagram perhaps doesn’t immediately convey is the incredible speed that Google manages to do all of this – possibly the greatest […]

scottish low carbon conference screenshot

Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference: Attacat to offer Search Engine Optimisation & Paid Search Consutlancy

We are very pleased to have been asked to offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Google AdWords) support for the Scottish Low Carbon Conference whose site has gone live today.  The site has been built by Elastic […]

SEOmoz logo

LINK: The Free Beginner’s SEO Guide From SEOmoz

LINK:  The Free Beginner’s SEO Guide From SEOmoz
OK, I haven’t read it yet but I know it will be worthwhile.  Attacat new boys, more reading for you I am afraid.
(I’ve also updated my older post about […]

fatBuzz logo

Google Caffeine Experiment: How quickly will it pick up a new domain?

Our friends, formerly known as Podcastmatters have, within the last 5 minutes, just rebranded. As of now, they are known as fatBuzz.

We are in Glasgow with them celebrating the relaunch.  But that doesn’t mean we’re going to miss out on a prime geek opportunity.
You may be […]

Social Media Podcast

Quiet News Day: You are listening to…erm…Tim Barlow?

It’s fair to say I have a little way to go before I become Pete Tong, but of late, I’ve been getting some real exposure to the radio-type format that is audio podcasting.
This is thanks to a new residency slot on the Social Media Podcast. (Cringing whilst writing the word “residency”, but hey ho)

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