Website Thinking | Attacat of Edinburgh - Part 3
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Checklist – New Site Launch: the basics

So then, you’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge & get a new website.  The old one wasn’t working for you (this assumes you’ve been testing and making improvements over the years – quite often spending money on website testing is going to give you better bang for your buck than a full re-design).
Before you head off think about a couple […]

tyre medics

New Website Launch: Tyre Medics

Tyre Medics new website – planned & optimised by Attacat. Design & build by Ladarnas.

Actionable Insights: The Edinburgh New Media Breakfast Google Analytics Presentation

With the chamber street tower packed to capacity, our very own Ben Rogers gave a fantastic and non techie talk about Google Analytics.


Link: Big Orange Buttons – the Future of the Call to Action?

Just a mention here for Oli of Unbounce & his recent blog post.  Is the future of the call to action really big, orange & glowing?  Quite possibly!


Link: Reputation Management for WordPress

Reputation Management for Wordpress plugin

We all want to see where our brands are being mentioned – there are a plethora of tools out there to achieve the task but this new Reputation Management for Wordpress plugin looks interesting…

Hugo Boss - Champs Elysées - 06-08-2006 - 6h41

Landing pages are your show window

Take any shop window and break down the characteristics of it. What do you have? Essentially many components such as price, products, design etc.  These gears work together to entice the passer-by to enter the shop and potentially convert.
Now imagine you could tailor the components in real time to suit the individual who presses their […]


Link: Employee Profile Pages to Boost Local Search Results

I read a good article (Search Engine Land) on optimising your website for local search by creating individual employee pages. Basically the view is to create separate pages for your employees and include info such as contact details, links to blog posts and LinkedIn profiles. I think its definitely […]

null Just another website creator for non-techies but this time it’s personal

Looks like I might use this tool for the next iteration of – meant to be ideal for pulling together all your online social activity into one place (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) (in a somewhat prettier way than my current Google Sites version)


Vanity Barcodes

Got to love the deisgn & ingenuity at hand here. Beautiful barcodes to compliment your beautiful packaging!
Must be an applicaton here for making mobile phone barcodes a little sexier for use on posters & POS.

Conversion Optimisation: There’s more to it than just your website

Search Engine Land has an article today called The 5 Rings of Conversion Optimisation. Apart from the title reminding me of a very inappropriate Best Man’s speech, I have to admit I found the article a touch on the overly scientific side. […]

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