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Attacat Joel

Maps, & Expanded Tweets – Social media roundup June 2012

The roundup is enjoying the 'best Summer ever' of mist and rain: every time it's pissing it down I walk past an annoying ClearChannel advert that makes me remember that it should probably be more sunny. But to social media! Apple and Google Maps have messy breakup Bing’s launches and dodgy pronunciation Twitter expanded tweets and Open Graph Facebook realise ‘credits’ are rubbish Ad exchange and offer for Facebook You have to post to be a blogger

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Attacat Tim

Battling it out: Search Engine Optimisation vs Social Media

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a battle between social media and SEO? After all search engine optimisation (SEO), according to some, is dead and social media is still seen by many as pretty sexy even if it is becoming a bit more Cindy Crawford than Cheryl Cole? Well actually no, there is no battle. Not really anyway :)

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May 2012 New Media Breakfast: making the most of Facebook timeline for business pages #nmbrek

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