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Adwords and Facebook ads: Go tweak crazy

It seems to have been a really rather busy few weeks for Google, withhem testing new appearances and variations of PPC advert display all over the place. Here’s a summary of the changes we’ve seen popping up recently:

Google SERP change: More real estate for PPC ads

Change to Google SERP increases the visibility of the top 3 pay-per-click spots by about 30%…

Google Decides: I don’t know what I’m looking for

Google may getting a little too big for it’s boots. If I type something into the search box and hit enter then shouldn’t I at least be given the courtesy of being shown results what I’ve typed – the words I carefully considered for purpose? Well now Google seems to be manipulating search results in a hidden way by not telling me they had omitted a word from my search query until the bottom of the second page of results. Are they playing a sneaky game that could increase your advertising costs?


LINK: The final word on PPC punctuation. Period.

There was I, thinking of writing a lovely interesting piece on punctuation in paid-search keywords after coming up against a few tricky special characters, only to stumble upon this rather tidy little summary by the Search Agents<. The Final Word on Punctuation. Period. | The Search Agents

Sponsored link with phone number

LINK: Phone number or Not? That is an AdWords Ad Copy Question

It’s quite a frequently asked question: should you include a phone number or not in your Google AdWords and PPC adverts?

The short answer is “no (in most cases)”.  Here’s an excellent more detailed answer: How To Raise […]

google related adwords

Another Google Test: Are you related?

In another odd PPC move, Google appear to be testing PPC adverts not targeted to the search query but ‘related’ to it.


Updated Link: Google testing retailer rating integration for PPC

It seems as though Google is considering inserting 5-star rating into paid search results, and has begun testing it in selected results. From the examples seen so far it appears to be drawing through Amazon product ratings, but there is potential for using a wide range of website rankings. What chance of Google showing us Ebay seller ratings, or property reviews for accommodation results?

Google related search

Google suggest what to search for in PPC

Google related searchGoogle is never one to rest, always testing new ideas and alterations to the search results format. The latest we’re seeing evidence of is search suggestions in the right-hand-side paid search results column, worded as ‘Also try’.


Link: SEO is dead? Or just bad stats!

Great blog post over at Wordstream, following up on another post that had used Google trends to try and show that “Search Engine Optimisation” is dead – true people have moved on “SEO” is very much alive!
As we’ve certainly been seeing there’s much more buzz about social media & SEO is as strong […]

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