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Internet Marketing Bedtime Reading: 4+ Books that all Attacats are required to read

With two new Attacats being sworn in shortly, I’m ordering up more copies of the books that are considered essential reading as part of the rigorous Attacat curriculum. Reading these books gives our new starts an immediate and solid foundation for much of the work we do.
In recommended order.
(Disclaimer: We do get a kick-back if you buy through […]

Lemur with open mouth

LINK: Google Confirms “Mayday” Update Impacts Long Tail Traffic

What we’ve seen with our own eyes, had reinforced by others at SMX Advanced has now been confirmed by Google: Niche sites (especially those with unique content) are doing better on niche search phrases.


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So How was it for Me? The Biggest Take-aways from SMX Advanced

As Andrew Girdwood explained so eloquently many of the presentations at SMX Advanced (at least the ones I attended) fell short of the “Advanced” label but there were notable exceptions that more than made up for some of the overly basic or salesy presentations.

The […]

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London SMX Advanced: Keyword Research – Beyond The Ordinary

This session looks at innovative approaches to keyword research that help you find those really significant keywords your customers are searching for, uncover your competitors’ keywords, mine the long tail for those elusive but truly valuable obscure search terms, and expand your “virtual shelf space” in surprising and non-obvious ways.
Moderator: Kristjan Mar Hauksson (KH), Director […]

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London SMX Advanced: Link Building Outside Of The Box

Links still rule as a major factor in helping pages rank well. You know all the obvious link building tips such as directories and forums…This session goes off the beaten path with ideas on how to find important, trusted and relevant linking opportunities you might be overlooking.
Moderator: Rob Kerry (RK), Head of Search, Ayima Search […]

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London SMX Advanced: SEO Ranking Factors in 2010

This session looks at on-the-page and off-the-page factors that influence web search, to understand what remains useful, what no longer works, and what new signals are growing in importance.
Moderator: Kristjan Mar Hauksson (KH), Director of Internet Marketing, Nordic eMarketing
Q&A Moderator: Will Critchlow (WC), Co-Founder & Director, Distilled

Gary Beal (GB), MD, Vanguard Online Media (Didn’t make […]

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SMX Advanced London Coverage: Notes from the premier search marketing conference

If you missed the London SMX (Search Marketing Expo) Advanced (the premier conference for experienced search marketers.), then below are all my notes from each of the seminars I attended.
I’ve pulled the best bits into 97 tips and 2 quotes.

Here are my […]


What is Next in Search? A follow-up to the “Brief History of Search” Video

A look into the past and future direction of search.


LINK: The 5 Best Backlink Analysis Tools

Haven’t played with the Cemper one yet but a useful reference from Dave Naylor for when we next review our backlink tools.
The 5 Best Backlink Analysis Tools.


Speed now officially a Google ranking factor

But panic not, it’ll only impact “less than 1% of queries”.
Even with the lack of specificity of that phrase it doesn’t sound like it’s going to impact majorly.
Will it become more important with time? Probably but I’d guess it’ll still only be an issue for the worst offenders.
So watch your speed, but you were doing […]

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