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“not provided” : the new organic keyword in Google Analytics

“not provided” – could this be your biggest organic referring keyword soon? Google have moved the goal posts again – time for us to find a way around these changes…

perfect stranger

LINK: rel=”author” markup

Information about the author markup concept from Hannah

Organic Click Through Rates: Study me this, Study me that

Click through rates on the first page of Google eh? Looking for a definitive answer – you’ve come to the wrong place! The results are in: survey says – we’re not quite sure…

Helenium autumnale  ~ Solbrud

Local Search Roundup – July 2011

Here’s my recap on what’s been important in Local Search this month:

Google overhauls Places pages

10 top tips for local optimisation

Bing Business Portal (BBP) image control

New Android local functionality

Timeline for listing a new business

LINK: Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

As I mentioned last week, a sweet SEO infographic deserves a ‘link of appreciation’ and this one from Search Engine Land is more than worthy. (Below is the condensed version, see the full one here)

Attacat Month in Numbers

Month In Numbers – May 2011

The Attacat Month In Numbers – May 2011

LINK: SEO’s Guide to HTTP Status Codes Infographic

A nice SEO infographic always deserves a mention and in true girly fashion – I think this one is cute!
Thanks to Dr Pete over at SEOmoz!

Gavin Walker

Wee Experiment: Gavin Walker Challenge

We’ve just recently put together a very quick website for Gavin Walker, Senior Broadcast Journalist with the BBC. Nothing special at the moment (and waiting for more content as usual!) – should be updated over the next few days.

More information […]

Google Places Changes

Google’s Local Listings: A New Hybrid Algorithm

Last week Google made one of the most significant changes it has ever made. It’s very big news for anybody wanting to rank for local search phrases.

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