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Attacat Joel

Why I hate: Adwords Campaign Experiments

I've been told I'm an angry person. I don't agree, however I will admit it's probably true when it comes to computers and anything online. And what gets me most annoyed is when things should be really good and useful and lovely but then aren't, and turn out to be really annoying and irritating and crappy. Enter Google's Adwords Campaign Experiments...

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Fold & Scrolling Internet Marketing MythBusters

The internet marketing industry is full of shysters. This is not really a discussion starter – it's a fact. During this series I want to talk about the quite popular myths in my favourite area of CRO. Today we address:
Myth 1 – The fold Myth 2 – Users don't scroll Myth 3 – Content on long pages is less likely to be seen than on short ones

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