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Align your comms and create brand consistency with HubSpot sales tools

Prospective customers could have multiple interactions with your sales team before they decide to buy your product, and ...
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Search bar on knowledge base

Reduce your customer support ticket volume with a HubSpot knowledge base

Have you ever considered using your customer support enquiries as a source of content for your website? If ...
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5 Key Ways to Increase Customer Retention & Lifetime Value Using Hubspot Tools

HubSpot Marketing, Sales & Service Hub tools can be effectively used to increase customer retention and the lifetime ...
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HubSpot feedback tools

What is customer experience and how can you use HubSpot’s survey tools to measure and improve it?

Customer experience (CX) is a buyer's overall impression of the experience they had with your business. It is ...
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How to reduce the negative impacts of postal losses for customer service teams using Hubspot

Research from Citizens Advice found that over a single year, five and a half million (one in ten ...
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HubSpot Service Analytics Infographic

HubSpot Service Hub offers sophisticated reporting capabilities and invaluable insight into your customer pain points, enabling agents to ...
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Using HubSpot to Report on Cart Recovery

Having set up several cart abandonment winning strategies for our ecommerce clients we know that HubSpot is a ...
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HubSpot Service Hub Analytics

If you're a customer services team manager looking to streamline processes for your team, monitor performance levels and ...
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Customer service team member

How customer service tools can support and improve your marketing activity

Is your marketing team working overtime, yet you’re still not seeing the increase in sales or customer engagement ...
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